EMİ GROUP INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES started its activities in 1974. Since the 1990s, EMİ Group has been providing services and products to public institutions and organizations, infrastructure enterprises (Electricity, Water, Natural Gas, etc.), engineering companies and all customers who need spatial data and it has turned into an integrated team of professionals suitable for interdisciplinary studies.

EMİ Group is the first Turkish company that started photogrammetric aerial photography in the surveying sector in 1998.

EMİ Group has brought many innovations to the Surveying and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) sector by offering new technologies and solutions that determine data processing and analysis methods with its dynamic and experienced personnel who are dedicated to customer satisfaction. It has become one of the leading "Spatial" solution providers in the Turkish market that needs GIS and Location-Based services.

The services provided by the EMİ Group are listed below.

GIS Applications for the Energy Sector (Data integration, updating, application development)

Urban Renewal Applications (Urban Planning-Design)

Vehicle Tracking Systems- Navigation

3D City Models and Visualization Applications

Remote Sensing Applications

Digital Photogrammetric Valuation; Digital Photogrammetric Vector and Cadastral Vector Map Generation

Ortho-photo and Mosaic Mapping

Oblique Photogrammetry Applications

Black/White, Color and Color Infrared Aerial Photography

Aeiral Triangulation Measurements and Adjustment

Terrestrial Photogrammetric Applications- Terrestrial Laser Scanning (3R Studies; Survey, Restitution and Restoration)

Corridor Maps, Positioning for Traffic Signs, DTM, DEM and Tunnel- Structure Scanning using Mobile Lidar Technology

Digital Terrain Model (DTM), Digital Elevation Model (DEM)

Mapping Update

Thematic Map Production

First Facility Cadastre Applications

Renewal Cadastre

Land Consolidation

Horizontal & Vertical Control Networks

GPS Network Geodetic Measurements and Evaluations

Ground Control Points (GCP)- Position, accuracy and speed of Horizontal & Vertical & GPS Points

Geoid Determination with GPS- Leveling Measurements- Providing the Desired Scientific Heights (Helmert/Orthometric/Normal etc.)

Datum Conversions

Deformation Measurements and Calculations

Turnkey Engineering Projects in line with customer needs